Cheer up !  Lest go...

In these courses you can come accompanied or alone, we will always include you:

- Land transportation and tolls

- Shared accommodation or private room (with an extra cost)

- Specialized guide and driver

- Photographic advice

- Entrance to each of the locations

-Travel insurance - Includes COVID-19 medical care

- Breakfast

We don't include:

- Airplane ticket

- Some meals

- Tips

Our quotas are limited! since we currently have some restrictions on the number of people!


In case you have any questions, you can contact me directly by email inf@beasalazar.com


Sunrise in Xochimilco

Dic 03 | Dic 04 | Dic 10 | Dic 11 


International Travel 2022



 Sep 09 to 17



Excursions 2023: 


Baja California Sur                          MXN 24,200 $ 
03  al  08  de Marzo 
Cupo LIMITADO                                   

Cupo Máximo 8 personas

- Aprenderemos

-Uso del equipo de cámara


-Fotografía de paisaje 

-Fotografía de Animales 

-Fotografía Astronómica

- Bracketing


Barrancas del Cobre                          MXN 13,500 $          

Taller de vía láctea,  retrato y paisaje

14 de Abril al 19 de Abril

Cupo Máximo 10  personas

Transporte terrestre desde Chihuahua:

- Creel
- Lago Arareko

- Cusarare 

- Viaje  en el Chepe
- Divisadero