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Photographic workshop in Iceland 2,850€. (66,130 MXN Pesos)

September 9 to 17

I invite you to explore the beautiful landscapes of South Iceland, between waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and beaches; we will enter the adventure in this beautiful country


This workshop is perfectly planned to obtain excellent emblematic images of this beautiful island, so it is oriented for all types of photographic levels.


I will help you improve your shots, no matter how little or how much time you have with your equipment. Likewise, this trip is designed so that it does not require very high physical conditions to participate, since all the places we will visit are very accessible, however we tell you that although we will go in summer, the weather is very cold because what we recommend preparing as best as possible, in this way we can take advantage of time and improve our photographic technique in each landscape.




1 DAY: The adventure begins from day one, after meeting at the airport Keflavik International Airport, we will all set out together on our way to the first destination of the trip, the village Grundarfjordur, on the peninsula of Snaefellsnes.


We will do our best to arrive in the area with enough time to see and photograph the sunset in one of the most impressive destinations: the famous Mount Kirkjufell, one of the most scenic spots, here too find the waterfalls of Kirkjufellsfoss, which have made this site one of the most famous postcards of Iceland.


That same night, if the weather allows us and the conditions are good, we will have the opportunity to photograph northern lights on the Pico Kirkjufellsfoss. Otherwise, we will rest and prepare to the rest of the trip.


2 DAY: For our first sunrise of the trip, we are going to move to the Church Negra de Budir, which offers incredible postcards at all times. After sunrise, we will move around the most highlights of the area to the incredible cliffs of Arnarstapi and Londrangar, where we will find incredible lava formations waiting be discovered and photographed, we will also visit the Hellissandur church.

We will see the sunset in the Gatklettur arch, a perfect natural arch and beautiful, its strange patterns through the rock are testimony to the constant shelling of the ocean and make it a photographic subject fascinating.


Tonight, we will also have the opportunity to photograph the Lights of the North over Mt Kirkjufell if conditions allow.


3 DAY:  After getting up early to have breakfast, we will begin our roadtrip day to the other side of the island, the west of Iceland, to get to Vik, our next destination and where find the beautiful Skógafoss waterfall.


On the way, we will make one or another stop Icelandic horses during the journey.


Later, not far from our next lodging, we will a stop at Seljalandsfoss waterfall, which is one of the most of Iceland and in which it is possible to walk behind the waterfall! Here we will remain until sunset to phonograph this waterfall in the best light.

4 DAY: We will get up early again to photograph the sunrise in the imposing Skógafoss waterfall, where we will make incredible portraits of the participants of the trip with the water falling in the background.

Then we will visit another incredible waterfall: Kvernufoss, this one is less 
crowded than Skógafoss, probably because there is a hike to about 15 minutes to get there. This spectacular waterfall has created a cave behind of it, so it will also give us some unforgettable postcards.


After making the most of the morning in the area, we will continue to the east, we will visit the most famous black sand beach - Reynisfjara. Not for nothing is the most famous, because it is located next to a mountain with stones basalts, lava formations, cliffs and caves.

Next, we will continue our way making some more stops, such as the Vik church and the beautiful Lumagnupur mountain. Arriving at our destination, in the town of Hofn, we will go to see the sunset at Stokksnes beach, which is also a black sand beach. What makes it authentic is the emblematic Mount Vestrahorn, see those peaks that. They come out of the sand and the sea leaves you stunned.

This location, due to its orientation with the Vestrahorn mountain to the north, becomes in a perfect destination to photograph the Northern Lights, of course, as long as conditions again allow it.


5 DAY:  During the fifth day, we will photograph the surroundings of Hofn, we will spend the day at Stokksnes beach, this destination is truly a dream and it is worth photographing from all angles.


6 DAY:  We will take pictures of the sunrise in Stokksnes to see the imposing peaks of the Vestrahorn with the first rays of the sun and then we will move to know the surroundings of the Vatnajokull National Park, the largest in Iceland, here is the Jokulsarlon glacier, which is one of the largest in the world and the Fjallsarlon lagoon.


Optionally, we can visit some of the ice caves that exist on the glacier.

We will take pictures of the sunset in another of the most beautiful places, Diamond Beach in which these ices are found that seem diamonds, what happens is that from the Jokulsarlon glacier, they break off pieces of ice that fall into the glacier lagoon and finally move out to sea, where they are polished by the waves of the North Atlantic. It is one more place that offers infinite photographic possibilities!


7 DAY:  Today we will wake up to photograph the sunrise in the Jokulsarlon lagoon, and they are such incredible places thatYou do not realize the passage of time! Also, they changeall the time, so it's the ultimate for anypassionate about photography.


Afterwards, we are going to head towards the Skaftafell area, tocapturing a new perspective of the glacier with columns basalts and the beautiful and elegant Svartifoss waterfall.


Finally we will return to the Fjallsarlon lagoon to photograph the sunset until dark.

8 DAY:  It is our last full day before embarking on our journey back to Keflavik, we will get up early to photograph Diamond Beach, this time

with the light of dawn.

After taking our sunrise photographs, we will start a trip in road heading west again towards the magnificent Gullfoss waterfalls. We will make a stop at the incredible canyon of Fjaðrárgljúfur, a deep canyon full of green that was created thanks to the erosion produced by the water that came down from the glaciers. Today this process has not finished and in its depths we can still see traces of how the landscape is building little by little.

Depending on the energies of the group, we will seek to take advantage of it to go to photograph Gullfoss at sunset, however, we will visit the waterfall at next day to see it in a different light.


9 DAY:  Our last day, we will go to photograph the Gullfoss waterfall in the morning. This waterfall is huge, it is located on the Hvitá river and its name It means “the golden waterfalls”. It is also one of the most striking and surprising due to its double waterfall of 31 meters height in total.


The landscapes that this waterfall forms both in winter and in summer, they are really impressive.


Finally and depending on the flight schedules of the members of the group, we will make a last visit to the area of ​​Geysir and Strokkur, where we can photograph an incredible Geysir in boiling or at Kerid volcanic crater, which gives us some beautiful postcards. Both options within the famous golden circle route.

It includes:

Ground transportation from the airport and its expenses

Accommodation in a double room

Photographic advice, throughout the trip

Tickets to photo locations

Sponsor Gifts




Does not include:

- Meals not mentioned

- Tips

- Excursions not mentioned


Investment and details:

The investment of this Photographic Workshop is € 2,850 per person.

It can be done in 6 Payments by bank transfer:

Deposit: €750

Payment January 1: €350

Payment February 2: €350

Payment March 3: €350

Payment April 4: €350

Payment May 5: €350

Payment June 6 End: €350


or with credit card up to 3 months without interest through the page


If you make the investment in a single payment and have taken one of our workshops in advance, you have up to

If you require a private room, it will have an additional cost of €1,400


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