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Photographic workshop in TURKISH 1,450 $USD (28,000 MXN Pesos)

MARCH 15 to 23

I invite you to visit the beautiful landscapes of TURKEY, dare to visit one of the oldest civilizations, 7 cities full of history, amazing landscapes, and endless wonderful experiences that we will live.




16- March | 1 DAY:

We arrive at 10:30 a.m. and our adventure will begin to Go to Cappadocia, where we will spend 2 incredible nights, between beautiful hot air balloons and ancient caves, we will take advantage of the experience to take the first shots of the Milky Way, remember to wear a jacket, since it can be a little cold

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17- March 2 DAY:  We will wake up early and we will have a second chance to go up in a balloon very early, remember that it can be cold. They are going to give them a coffee and a simple breakfast before the flight. It is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world, after breakfast we take a tour of Cappadocia (bring a good shoe), you will see the underground city of Derinkuyu and several wonders in Cappadocia in addition to what you have already seen from above.

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18- March | 3 DAY:  When we are in Istanbul we will walk through the great bazaar and the spice bazaar, remember to haggle everything, and be careful because everything is copies, don't pay anything as if it were good: bags, watches, everything is fake. They are nearby and they can leave what they buy at the hotel. Then we will continue to Eminonu to cross the Bosphorus to go to the Galata tower. (Gálata Kulesi, it is said in Turkish), from the upper part of the Tower, we will have a beautiful view of all of Istanbul. Sultanahmet and Fatih, the old part with the walls and very large mosques and palaces, Pear and Beyogulu, more European, with the French sheet roofs for the snow, the Bosphorus, the golden horn that is the other channel. The Marmara Sea behind Sultanahmet is the bottom of the Mediterranean, the piece of the Aegean that bathes this part of Turkey and that communicates with the Black Sea through the Bosphorus.

19 - March | 4 DAY:  We will wake up early to go to the Mosques, like Hagia Sophia and then we will pass by the emblematic Blue Mosque, let's remember that women must come with long pants or skirt, not outside shoulders and headscarf, you have to take off, if they want to wear socks and a bag for shoes; men, they can not show shoulders or knees, in case they First, look at the racecourse of Roman times. There are two columns left, around which the carriages were going around. One is a snake, the other is an obelisk. Remember that the Romans conquered the entire Mediterranean as far as Asia Minor in Turkey, Palestine, including what is now Jordan, part of Syria and North Africa and even for a time some of Persia. From the 5th to the 15th century, Constantinople, which is now Istanbul, was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantine Empire, until it fell into the hands of the Ottomans. The Ottomans, Turks of Mongolic origin, and Muslim beliefs, took over a vast empire that included transarabia, Turkey, the Balkans and almost reached Vienna. This empire remained until the First World War, when they were defeated by the allies and their divided empire: Yugoslavia (which is now Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Sarajevo), Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, part of Romania and Hungary, Greece, Palestine/Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, part of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, part of North Africa and Egypt


We will go to the blue mosque, we will take photos of the beauty of the outdoor courtyard with the Mosque in the background, the fountains to wash and go to the interior where there are huge rugs for praying and chandeliers and art on the ceilings. Mosques in Turkey are beautiful. Every mosque has to have a place oriented towards Mecca, a dome, at least one minaret or tower - from where it is called to pray 5 times a day, actually 10, because first they call, as if to get ready and then pray -, it can have many, and a crescent moon as a symbol of Islam.

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March 20 | 5 DAY:  We are going to take a yacht to take a walk along the Bosphorus for a couple of hours. Here we are going to see from the water the houses of the people on the sides of the canal, the Rummeli fortress, the Dolmabace and Beyleberi palaces from the water. Then we booked somewhere nice and ended up with a beautiful sunset full of beautiful colors and reflections.

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March 21 | 6 DAY:  Let's go to Pamukkale to see the Cotton castles or travert pools that have been formed by centuries of minerals that have been deposited in the mouth of the springs at the foot of the ruins of Hierapolis. Night in Kusadasi

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March 22 | 7 DAY:   We will visit Ephesus and Selcuck.


The ancient city of Ephesus was one of the most important ports of the Lycian and Hellenic civilization and was very important in the time of the first Christians, in fact in Selcuck it is said that the Virgin Mary lived her last days at the house of John the Baptist. It decayed as a port when its bay filled with sediments and it did not become navigable, but Celso's library and the mountain houses are still a wonder to be seen.


We are going to Izmir airport (Adnan Menderes)

March 23 | 8 DAY:  We are going back to Mexico



Air transportation within the country

Transportation to hotels

Accommodation in a double or triple room

Previous photographic advice, throughout the trip

Tickets to photographic locations

- Private Yacht Sunset Tour in Istanbul

some breakfasts

Entrances to temples and mosque

Advice on online photo editing, for a month after the workshop

First aid trained staff

We process visas for Mexicans


Does not include:

- Meals not mentioned

- Tips

Excursions not mentioned

Transatlantic flight Investment and details:

The investment of this Photographic Workshop is 28,000 Mexican pesos.

It can be made in 6 Payments by bank transfer:

Down payment: $14,000 Payment on January 1: $7,000 Payment on February 2: $7,000

or with credit card through payment market


If you require a private room, there will be an additional cost.


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